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Publish Your Press Release Publish Your Press Release in our Print media, T.Nagar Times, Pillar Times, Chrompet Times, Adambakkam Times, Arcot Road Talk, Mylapore Mail, The Metro Connect and in online web portals www.chennaisonline.com.

Become a Neighbourhood Journalist . The Citizen Journalist platform is an intiative to shape what we cover and how. Every day people across Chennai , India, shares news, press releases , stories and event happening near them and personal opinions about issues in the neighborhood.

Email us your PR to timeslocalnewspaper[@]gmail[.]com

HOW TO RELEASE YOUR NEWS, ARTICLES? You can release your news, articles, events, by contacting us .

DO I NEED TO PAY MONEY? We don't charge for any news articles for publishing in newspapers & Online. commercial and promotional Articles will not be published in Print Media, Unless we accept the same.

HOW TO CONTACT US? E-mail us : timeslocalnewspaper[ @ ]gmail[.]com Call Us: +91 84281 82676 / 044 - 65650303

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